Who We Are

SalesFactor is a collection of private citizens just like you who want a tax system that works for the American economy and not against it. We educate the public about the current disadvantages our businesses face in the Global market and why our Corporate Tax System is so broken. We have no corporate sponsors, nor any financial interest in the reforms being proposed. Our concerns include leveling the playing field between domestic and multinational corporations, long-term health of the American economy and improving U.S. competitiveness in world markets.

Bill Parks: Educator, Entrepreneur, and Business Professional

Bill Parks,
Founding Director 

While Bill Parks is the Founding Director of  SalesFactor.org, his professional achievements rank far and wide. Mr. Parks is a highly successful entrepreneur and business professional as the founder and president of NRS (a highly respected brand in the outdoor industry). Mr. Parks ensured NRS legacy and future by making NRS a 100% employee owned company in 2013. Before creating NRS, Mr. Parks was a professor of finance at the Universities of Idaho and Oregon. He started NRS and proved his academic knowledge was highly applicable in the real world. Even though he retired from teaching to focus on NRS, Mr. Parks continued to share his insights on business and finance, and used his combined academic and practical experience to find solutions. He devotes much of his time to educating people about tax inequality in our corporate tax system. Mr. Parks has spoken in front of the Tax COOP of the World Bank, and other various forums. His articles can be predominately found in the highly respected Academic Journal, Tax Notes. However, some of his works can be found in more accessible publications such as USA Today and Forbes.  

Jerry Wegman

Jerry Wegman,
Advisor and Editor 

With an educational foundation from Cornell, post-graduate studies from The London School of Economics, and a legal education from Columbia, Jerry Wegman brings a combination of academic legal perspective and a practical business approach to Sales Factor. Jerry is a former prosecuting attorney, Idaho State Trial Judge, and professor in the College of Business and Economics at the University of Idaho.



David Morse,
Public Policy Coordinator 

David started working on Destination Based Corporate taxes in 2013. He helped Mr. Parks found SalesFactor.org and specializes in organization coordination and research. Before SalesFactor.org, David founded and ran Idaho Rising, a successful non-partisan voter registration organization in the state of Idaho for three years. He directed efforts in the city of Moscow, ID in 2010 and the cities of Boise and Moscow in 2012 . Prior to this organizational work, David got his start with an arts non-profit at the University of Idaho, the Idaho Jazz Collections. David enjoyed his time working for the arts, but had a passion to inform and educate the public about issues that matter more directly to their daily lives.

David has a Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.


Molly Levkiv,
Media Relations Coordinator 

Molly began her career in advocacy, working for county and state-wide not for profit substance use prevention coalitions in Idaho. Serving as the media coordinator and advocacy/outreach coordinator for two coalitions she used her skills in public relations, marketing and advertising to gain wide spread public awareness and advocacy for both groups. She has a passion for making voices and important causes heard.

Molly has a double B.S. in Public Relations and Political Science from the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.